JMU Wireless Network 

Configuration for
OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”


To join the wireless network, first click on the Wi-Fi Menu in the Menu Bar.

Wi-Fi Menu from Menu Bar

From the Wi-Fi Menu, select JMU-Official-Wireless.

Wi-Fi Menu with JMU-Official-Wireless selected

You then will be prompted for your user name and password. Enter your e-ID and password, then click on OK.

It is highly recommended that you uncheck the box next to Remember this network as it will cause OS X to save your user name and password in a way that could cause it not to reconnect when your password changes.


OS X will then prompt you to accept the authentication server’s certificate to initiate encryption. This keeps your e-ID and password safe.

To accept the certificate permanently, click on Show Certificate.

Verify Certicate

The Verify Certificate window will then expand to show information about the certificate. The certificate will be for, issued by InCommon RSA Server CA.

The box next to Always trust “” should already be checked. Click Continue.

Verify Certificate

OS X will then attempt to modify the certificate’s trust settings in your login keychain and ask for your password.

To unlock your login keychain and trust the certificate, enter the username and password you use on your computer and then click Update Settings.

If you do not wish to do this, click Cancel. Your computer will continue connecting to the wireless network but you will be prompted to accept the certificate every time you connect in the future.


The Wi-Fi Menu icon will change to animated mix of gray and black lines while your computer to connects to the wireless network and acquires an IP address. This may take several seconds.


After successfully connecting, the Wi-Fi Menu icon will no longer be animated, with black lines indicating how strong the wireless signal is. This may vary depending on your location.


To verify your connection to the wireless network, click on the Wi-Fi Menu and see that JMU-Official-Wireless is checked.

Verify Connection



If your Mac cannot connect to the wireless network, even with a correct e-ID and password, it may be necessary to remove any previous usernames and passwords that OS X may have saved.

First, click the Finder icon in the Dock.


Then click the Go menu in the Menu Bar.

Go Menu

Click Utilities from the Go menu.

Go Menu - Utilities

This will display the Utilities folder. Double-click on the Keychain Access icon.


This will launch the Keychain Access application.

Keychain Access

Make sure the login Keychain is selected on the far left and click on the row starting with JMU-Official-Wireless.

Keychain Access

Click the Edit menu in the Menu Bar.

Keychain Access

Click Delete from the Edit menu.

Keychain Access

You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the JMU-Official-Wireless password. Click the Delete button to continue.

Keychain Access

Your saved password will now be cleared.

Keychain Access

You may now close Keychain Access and attempt to connect to the wireless network.

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