JMU Wireless Network

Configuration for
Apple iPod touch & iPhone

iOS 2.0 or newer is required to connect.

Screenshots in this guide were created using an iPod mini with iOS 9.0.

Devices with older iOS versions will look different from these examples but the steps are the same.

Connecting for the first time

Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen to begin.

home screen

In Settings, tap Wi-Fi.


Make sure the Wi-Fi slider is set to on (it will be green), then tap JMU-Official- Wireless under CHOOSE A NETWORK... The name JMU-Official-Wireless may be shortened to JMU-Official-Wirel... on older devices.

Wi-Fi - Choose a Network

You will then be prompted for your username and password.

Enter your e-ID and password then tap Join, which will turn blue after you enter your password.

Enter Password

You will then be prompted to accept the authentication server’s certificate to initiate encryption. This keeps your e-ID and password safe.

To accept the certificate for, issued by InCommon RSA Server CA (some devices may show AddTrust External CA Root), tap the Accept button.


Your iPod touch or iPhone will return to the Wi-Fi screen and JMU-Official- Wireless will have a spinning indicator next to it as it attempts to join the wireless network.

Wi-Fi with spinning indicator

After successfully connecting to the wireless network, JMU-Official-Wireless will have a check mark next to it.

Wi-Fi with JMU-Official-Wireless checked



If your iPod touch or iPhone has previously connected to the JMU-Official- Wireless network, it will automatically attempt to join it again after waking from sleep or being rebooted.

Note the Wi-Fi icon next to the iPod text at the top. An iPhone will have the carrier name, such as AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, instead of iPod.

Home Screen with Wi-Fi icon

Remove connection settings

Should you need to change the username used to log in to the wireless network, you will need to remove the network settings and reconnect.

From Settings, tap Wi-FI.

Remove connection settings

From Wi-Fi tap the circled i next to JMU-Official-Wireless.

Circled i next to JMU-Official-Wireless

This will display the connection details for the wireless network. Tap Forget this Network at the top.

Connection Details

A confirmation will be displayed to remove the network settings and stop automatically joining it. Tap Forget to finish.

Forget Wi-Fi Network


If your iPod touch or iPhone stalls or appears to freeze after entering your username and password or accepting the certificate, press the Home Button to return to the Home Screen and begin the connecting process again. You may have to do this multiple times.

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