JMU Wireless Network

Configuration for
Google Android

Screenshots in this guide were created using a Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”.


To join the wireless network,
first tap the All Apps button
on a Home screen.

Home Screen

From the All Apps screen, tap Settings.

All Apps

Make sure the Wi-Fi slider under WIRELESS & NETWORKS is set to ON, and then tap Wi-Fi.

Wireless & Networks

Tap JMU-Official-Wireless from the list in the Wi-Fi settings. 

Tap JMU-Official-Wireless from Wi-Fi settings

You will then be prompted to choose security settings for the network and enter your login credentials.

The EAP method should automatically be set to PEAP. Tap the drop-down list next to Phase 2 authentication and select MSCHAPV2. If you are presented with the option to select a CA certificate:

Select a certificate that refers to JMU, James Madison University, or Eduoroam. Otherwise,

select the option Don't Validate.

EAP Method

Enter your e-ID for Identity, leave Anonymous identity blank, enter your password, then tap Connect.

Login and Connect

You will be returned to the Wi-Fi settings, where the status of JMU-Official-Wireless will change as it connects to the network.

Wi-Fi settings - status of JMU-Official-Wireless

After successfully connecting, Wi-Fi settings will list JMU-Official-Wireless as Connected.



If your Android device has previously connected to the JMU-Official-Wireless network, it will automatically attempt to join it again after waking from sleep or being rebooted.

Note the Wi-Fi icon in the top right by the battery indicator and clock.

Home Screen with Wi-Fi icon

Remove connection settings

Should you need to change the username or password used to log in to the wireless network, you will need to remove the network settings and reconnect.

Tap the All Apps button on a Home screen

Tap All Apps on Home Screen

From the All Apps screen, tap Settings.

All Apps

Tap Wi-Fi underneath WIRELESS & NETWORKS.

Tap Wi-Fi underneath Wireless & Networks

Tap and hold on JMU-Official-Wireless in the list in the Wi-Fi settings.

Tap and hold JMU-Official-Wireless in the Wi-Fi settings

This will display available options for the wireless network.  Tap Forget network.

Forget network

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