LISTSERV software enables e-mail users to create and maintain large e-mail lists. Announcements, newsletters, moderated and open discussion groups are supported. List sizes can range from a few participants in a discussion group to several hundred or even thousands. Your lists can be maintained and used by one or more people.

These lists can be used for one-way or two-way communication among the members of the lists depending on how the list is configured. 

  • Examples of one-way communication include the distribution of announcements and newsletters. 
  • Examples of two-way communication include moderated and un-moderated discussion groups. The number of members in a list can range from a few participants in a discussion group to several hundred or even thousands.
Who can use this Service?

JMU sponsored or affiliated group, or by individuals who are conducting JMU-related academic or business functions.  

JMU student employees and student organizations must have a sponsoring staff or affiliate request a listserv on their behalf.

How can I get this Service?

Complete the online LISTSERV Application form. Once the form is complete, submit the request. If there are questions about your request, you will be contacted within two business days. You will receive an e-mail confirming its creation with additional details about your list.

Where can I get Help/Support?

LISTSERV Overview video or online course.

Additional documentation is available on how to manage your listserv.

Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555 or helpdesk@jmu.edu


Is LISTSERV training required?
Yes, JMU requires LISTSERV training for owners and moderators before access to a new LISTSERV is given. If you own or moderate existing LISTSERV and are requesting a new LISTSERV, training is still required if you have not already attended.

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