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Jennifer J. PeeksMease (Ph.D. University of North Carolina) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Studies at James Madison University.   Her research addresses how social bias is built into organizational processes and structures, and how people cope with, challenge, and change those processes and structures.  Her most recent efforts have focused on issues of gender and career advancement, a topic she investigates with the help of an undergraduate research team.  They are exploring this process in the realms of politics, entrepreneurship, and corporate America.

Her work has been published in Management Communication QuarterlyText and Performance Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Communication Research, and two of NCA’s Organizational Communication Division’s Edited Books of the Year. Her scholarship has also addressed topics such as the Women’s March on Washington, race in public school board meetings, the work of diversity consultants, and poststructural approaches to organizational communication. 

Outside the classroom, Dr. PeeksMease has worked across government, corporate, and nonprofit sectors as a consultant in team building, executive coaching, and leadership development.  She also serves the department in the role of the Community Engagement liaison (helping instructors and faculty integrate community engagement in their classrooms and research) and serves on the advisory board for the James Madison University Center for Entrepreneurship.  

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