Gretchen Hazard

Gretchen Hazard has been a member of JMU’s faculty since 1984.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Communication Studies from Virginia Tech and first made her mark at JMU in the Department of Theatre and Dance where she held the positions of faculty member, director of the Children’s Theatre (for 9 years), and artistic director of the Opera Theatre. 

While teaching, Ms. Hazard also attended graduate school and received her Master of Science degree in Human Resource Development from JMU.  Shortly thereafter, Ms. Hazard became a full-time faculty member in the School of Communication Studies.  She has taught classes in GCOM, SCOM 245 Signs, Symbols, and Social Interaction; SCOM 320 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication; and classes focusing on small group interaction. 

Her main passion in the field of communication is Interpersonal Communication, which can easily be seen in her classes.  Currently, Ms. Hazard has joint duties in two departments: Communication Studies and University Studies.  Added to her faculty responsibilities in SCOM, she is Cluster One Coordinator for JMU’s General Education program. 

Students in the past have remarked that Ms. Hazard can be demanding but they also say she is knowledgeable and passionate about what she teaches.  Ms. Hazard’s favorite part of JMU is its student population. She feels she is taught by them as much as she teaches them. She enjoys sharing the learning experience with students in the classroom.

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