Aimee Brickner is originally from Van Wert, Ohio. She went to Miami University of Ohio where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication and a master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication with a concentration in conflict.  Aimee has been teaching since 1998.  She taught at Miami University of Ohio for two years and has been teaching at JMU since 2000. 

At JMU, Aimee teaches general communication courses, SCOM 320 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, SCOM 332 Mediation, SCOM 242 Presentational Speaking, and SCOM 231 Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Before teaching at JMU, Aimee worked for the Mediation Center at Butler County Juvenile Court in Ohio for three years. Aimee is working to complete her second master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling through the Psychology Department at JMU. She currently works as a counseling intern at the University of Virginia Women’s Center. She has been involved with the Virginia Counseling Association. 

Aimee loves her dog, “Dixiedog,” who sometimes accompanies her to class. She also loves to cook, attend wine tastings, go camping, and spend time with her significant other. 

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