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Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Director of the School of Communication Studies.

The committee acts as a liaison between the Communication Studies major/minors and the Director, acting on behalf of the faculty.

The main objective of this group is representing the Communication Studies students.

Selected Responsibilities:

  • Attending monthly meetings with the School Director
  • Assessing student needs/concerns
  • Acting as ambassadors to new students and potential majors
  • Representing Communication Studies at majors fairs
  • Playing a role in the interview process during faculty searches
  • Assigning student communication committee with tasks
  • Selecting members for next year

To apply to become part of the Student Advisory Committee, download the application.

Current Members:

•  Rebekah Bell •  Sarah Rudman
• Nikki Fratantoro,
Health Communication
• Wendy Wheeler
•  Kim Umstadter,
Organizational Communication