2018 - 2019 Committee Members

Reviews and makes recommendations regarding the university's traffic and parking policies and regulations.



Towana Moore, AVP, Administration & Finance



Lee Eshelman, Campus Polic AUX

Alex Gabbin, faculty, College of Business

Steve Harper, Department of Engineering

Judy Hensley, Financial Aid & Scholarship

Dale Hulvey, AVP, Information Technology

Tammy Knott, Judicial Affairs

Tish Leeth, Restricted Funds

Ben Lundy, Parking Services, Special Events

Lee Shifflett, JMU Chief of Police

Craig Short, Facilities Management

Cathy Snyder, College of Business

Dean Stubbs, Procurement

Paul Warne, faculty, Mathematics & Statistics Department

Michael Yankey, faculty, College of Business

Bill Yates, Parking Services



Sophie LeFew

Emily Baker

Graduate Student:

To be named

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