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2020 – 2021 Professional Learning Framework

Professional Learning Topics

Location and Dates: to be determined

Professional Knowledge

  • The science of how students learn
  • The science of how we teach
  • Content-specific topics (e.g., reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, etc.)
  • Practice-specific topics 

Instructional Planning

  • Introduction to the planning process
  • Clarity for learning
  • Learning intentions and success criteria
  • Learning progressions
  • Surface, deep, and transfer learning
  • Models of instruction
  • What works best in teaching and learning?
  • Task design

Instructional Delivery/Learning Environment

  • Engagement
  • Classroom behavior and management
  • Maximizing instructional time
  • Adaptive and compensatory approaches

Assessment of and for Learning

  • Pre-assessment 
  • Checks for understanding
  • Assignment analysis
  • Analyzing student learning
  • Effective feedback


  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC+)
  • Inclusion: equity in access and opportunity
  • Collective teacher efficacy
  • Teacher credibility
  • Evidence-yielding practice
  • Teacher leadership
2020 – 2021 Professional Learning Framework Graphic
Chart of Professional Learning Framework


Utilizes rubrics developed from the Virginia Standards for the Professional Practice of Teachers (VDOE, 2011).

Almarode, J. & Whittaker, A. K. (2020). Virginia new teacher support program coaching rubrics [Training document]. Unpublished instrument.

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