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Kathy Burcher was appointed by Governor Ralph Northam to serve as the Deputy Secretary of Education on January 4, 2021. Prior to her appointment, Burcher served as the Director of Government Relations and Research for the Virginia Education Association (VEA). When she was named the Government Relations Director in August 2016, she became the first woman to serve in that role in the VEA’s 150-year history. During her time with the VEA she focused on policies designed to reverse Virginia’s teacher shortage and diversify the Commonwealth’s teacher workforce.

Burcher served six years on Virginia’s Advisory Board for Teacher Education and Licensure (ABTEL) and was a member of the K-12 transition workgroups for both Governor Bob McDonnell and Governor Ralph Northam. Most recently she co-chaired the PK-12 Cross Policy Alignment Subcommittee on Governor Northam’s COVID-19 Education Workgroup.

Kathy was with the VEA for seven years and prior to that she coordinated Federal and state political work for the Virginia PTA for six years.

Kathy has an undergraduate degree in Social Science from James Madison University and a master’s degree in Education from George Washington University. She began her career working with Special Education students in Fairfax County. She currently lives in Henrico County.

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