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Assistant Professor, 
Educational Technology

Academic Degrees: 

BS, Virginia Tech, 1975
MA, James Madison University, 1980 
Graduate Certificate, James Madison University, 1981 
PhD, Indiana University, 1991

Professional Experience: 

School Psychologist, 1980-1982
Technology Consultant, 1982-1995 
Technology Coordinator (JMU), 1996-2002 
Special Projects Coordinator (JMU), 2002-2011
Assistant Professor (JMU), 2011-present

Courses Taught:

  • Undergraduate
    • EDUC 370 Instructional Technology
    • LTLE 150 Information in Contemporary Society (online)
    • LTLE 370 Instructional Technology
    • LTLE 376 Video for Learning
    • LTLE 378 Web Design for Learning
  • Graduate
    • EDUC 501 Workshop in Education (Content Teaching Academy)
    • EDUC 540 Educational Technology
    • EDUC 698 Comprehensive Continuance
    • LTLE 570 Design and Development of Digital Media
    • LTLE 610 Principles of Instructional Design
    • LTLE 625 Advanced Video and Audio Production
    • LTLE 695 Applied Research

Professional Interests: 

Instructional design and development, creativity, psychometrics, performance certification, muiltimedia, video production, artificial intelligence/machine learning, content repositories, Ed Media Exchange

Selected Publications/Presentations: 

Ingram, R.E.  (March, 2014).  Thinking Sideways - Building the Burke Web. Paper accepted for presentation at the 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard University.

Ingram, R.E.  (March, 2014).  Collective Concept Discovery and Optimization for Category Membership and Typicality.  Paper accepted for presentation at the 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard University.

Ingram, R.E. and Slykhuis, D.  (March, 2014).  Building the Educational Media Exchange (EMX) – A pilot study of the use of a contextualized content repository in support of Teacher Preparation and In-Service Instruction.  Paper accepted for presentation at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) conference, Jacksonville, FL.

Invited Author: 

Ingram, R.E.  (2014).  Repositories for Learning and Instructional Apps.  In M. Spector's (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Selected Grant Activity (~$12M awarded to date): 

Ingram, R. and Estes, M.  (2014).  EEG-Based Investigation of Cognitive Load Imposed by Cell Phone Usage  During Performance-Related Tasks.  Funded by James Madison University Program of Grants for Faculty Assistance. (on-going)

Research in Progress: 

Ingram, R.E. and Schulte, T.  (2014).  Reconsidering the Art and Science of Psychoeducational Assessment: An Exploratory Study Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

Recent Workshops: 

Academy Chair.  Ed Media Content Creation Camp; Part of the JMU Content Teaching Academy, June 24-27, 2014.


Brainstorm 2014: Creativity and innovation in Teaching and Learning.  Held at James
Madison University, April 5, 2014.

Personal Interests: 

Big Green Egg

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