Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
Early Childhood and Reading Education

Academic degrees:
B.S. Elementary Education
M.Ed. Reading Education
Ph.D. Reading Education

The focus of my work is exemplified by efforts to generate small-scale, mixed-method explorations that contribute to the information base of literacy and language related practices that affect classroom instruction. What defines my pedagogy is how I make decisions about curriculum, teaching, and learning. It is a learner-centered approach that involves interpretation, negotiation, and reconceptualization. My professional experience is embedded in a social constructivist agenda using strategies that integrate content, context, and community of practice. My research translates into specific strands. One strand revolves around examining literacy and language instruction that draws on existing funds of knowledge to make connections with cultural tools in studying practices rooted in daily life circumstances of diverse learners. A second strand encourages teachers to reconsider reading programs to better meet the needs of readers in a post-typographic world by exploring connections between digital resources and literacy learning. I promote a 21st Century skills and technology-infused methodology congruent with current educational reform efforts in accordance with JMU's Strategic Plan.

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