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Rebecca has been working in JMU Teacher Education through the Education Support Center since 2010. Rebecca may be the first person you work with and see in the office, hear on the telephone, and correspond with through email. She guides students through the admission process, assists with licensure, and provides assistance to students, faculty, staff, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors. She is a Notary Public. As Office Manager she manages and maintains the ESC website, Facebook page, and the processes happening “behind the scenes.” She is the Primary Test Center Administrator for the national Praxis and RVE computer-based examinations held 14+ times per year at JMU. Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from James Madison University. She has been a Certified Manager since August 2012 through the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. Recertification requires ongoing leadership and management education and activities. She considers herself a life-long learner and pursues opportunities for engaged learning in both her personal and professional life. She lives in beautiful Bath County with her two dogs, a cat, and her humans.

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