Degree Requirements

The major consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours of course work. These credits include core program courses, electives, and either a research project or a thesis. If you elect the thesis option you will take one fewer elective course as thesis credits total 6 hours.

In addition to the 36 credit hours of coursework, you will participate in both oral and written comprehensive examinations. These examinations will cover key concepts, principles, theories and practices covered in the core courses.


The core requirements consist of foundational courses that are the basis for the understanding of adult education/ human resource development. These core courses encourage you to investigate adult education/human resource development and to appreciate all facets of this dynamic field.

  • AHRD 520 Foundations of Adult Education /Human Resource Development (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 540 Leadership and Facilitation (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 575 Diversity and Ethics in AHRD (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 615 Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation in Adult Education/Human Resource Development (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 630 Research and Inquiry in Adult Education/Human Resource Development (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 580 Learning in Adulthood (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 695 Portfolio (0 cr.)
  • LTLE 570 Design and Development of Digital Media (3 cr.)
  • LTLE 610 Principles of Instructional Design (3 cr.)

Research Paper or Thesis Option & Electives

Research Paper Option

  • AHRD 680 Reading and Research (3 cr.)
  • Electives: 9 credit hours

Thesis Option

  • AHRD 700 Thesis Research (6 cr.)
  • Electives: 6 credit hours

Elective Options Based on Your Area of Interests

  • AHRD/LTLE 580 Visual Literacy (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 620 Consulting (3 cr.)
  • AHRD 635 Organization and Administration of Adult Education/Human Resource Development Programs (3 cr.)
  • LTLE 565 Ed Tech Project Management (3 cr.)
  • LTLE 611 User Interface Design (3 cr.)
  • LTLE 650 eLearning Design (3 cr.)

Please see the Graduate Catalog for more information about these courses.

AHRD Faculty

Dr. Tabitha Coates

Assistant Professor


Dr. Oris Griffin

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Randy Snow


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