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Add-On Option

This program is intended ONLY for students who are pursuing a general curriculum special education license (K-12 SPED M.A.T.). This allows students to add an additional license in Adapted Curriculum K-12 Special Education.

Concentration Courses (12 Credits)



EXED 509 - Nature and Issues of Severe Disabilities 3 Summer between JR & SR year
EXED 584 - Methods of Instruction for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities 3 Fall, SR year
EXED 625 - Medical & Technological Aspects of Early Childhood Special Education 3 Spring, 5th year
EXED 602 - Communication, Language & Sensory Issues of Autism 3 Fall, 5th year
EXED 638 - Practicum in Special Education Adaptive Curriculum (may be required) 3 As Needed. Varying Credits
Repeatable up to 9 credits
Additional license

This concentration allows students seeking a license in K-12 SPED - Accessing the General Curriculum to add on the 4 courses required by the State of Virginia for an additional license in Adapted Curriculum K-12 Special Education.

Final courses

The final 2 courses are to be taken through the Severe Disabilities Consortium (to be taught via teleconferencing), however students are able to apply for partial tuition reimbursement for these courses (up to 50% tuition reimbursement for Severe Disabilities Consortium coursework). 

Program Coordinator

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