Contribute to one of these Endowed Faculty Support funds or establish a new one: Faculty Chairs begin at $1,000,000; Professorships at $250,000; Fellowships at $150,000 and Faculty Support Funds at $50,000. Contributions of any amount may be added to an established fund. This naming opportunity may be established with $10,000 annually for five years.

  • Jackson E. Ramsey Eminent Scholars Centennial Chair in Business by Joseph F. (’76, ’77) and Pamela C. (’77) Damico: Dr. Charles Bailey
  • Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Eminent Scholars Chair in Business Administration by Kirby L and Ellery Cramer: Dr. Barkley Rosser
  • Adolph Coors Foundation Eminent Scholars Professorship in Business: Dr. Daphyne Thomas
  • CSX Eminent Scholars Distinguished Professorship in Management: Dr. Scott Gallagher
  • J. Gray Ferguson Endowed Professorship in Finance by Janet M. Ferguson: Dr. Hui Sono
  • Journal of Accounting Education Eminent Scholars Professorship: Dr. Nancy Nichols
  • KPMG Accounting Professorship: Dr. Alex Gabbin
  • KPMG Endowed Professorship of Accounting: Dr. Michael Riordan
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Don Caputo Memorial Teaching Professorship: Dr. Tom Dillon
  • Showker Professor of Entrepreneurship: Dr. Fariss Mousa
  • Wallace Chandler/Universal Corporation Eminent Scholars Professorship in Banking: Dr. Pam Drake
  • Wampler-Longacre Eminent Scholars Professorship in Marketing by Charles W. and Dorothy L. Wampler, Jr.: Dr. Theresa Clarke
  • R. Jarl Bliss Endowed Fellowship by R. Jarl (’84) and Elizabeth McConnell (’84) Bliss: Dr. Art Gowan

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