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The Jackson-Rainey Business Plan Competition is an exciting alumni-funded component of COB300, the 12-credit-hour core course that integrates finance, management, marketing and operations. During the semester, students are placed in cross-disciplinary teams and are tasked with integrating material from the four classes and developing a viable business plan.

The top business plans to come from COB 300 each year are entered into the Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition, an annual event with more than $25,000 in scholarships and prizes distributed to the student teams.

For 2020, COB 300 faculty selected 26 plans from over 100 completed by students during the 2019 spring, summer and fall semesters. These plans were then reviewed and evaluated by external judges through two subsequent rounds, and five teams were selected to participate in this year’s competition.

“The integrated class concept combined with the business plan exposes you to some of the relationships that exist between different areas of a business. You get to see how finance affects marketing or management affects operations. Taking all of the classes at the same time helps you understand those relationships in your business plan.”  --Alex Bretthauer, Bright Glove 

2020 Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition Finalists
Bright Glove

Bright Glove - Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition - 2020Bright Glove is a polyethylene glove with LED lights that outline the hand, designed for performing jobs in low-light environments. With it, professionals such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers and carpenters will be able to safely perform tasks without being dependent on products such as flashlights and headlamps.


ClimaCase - Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition - 2020ClimaCase is an insulated 5”x8”x5” case made of polyethylene plastic with a neoprene rubber lining that combats damage to personal belongings due to overheating. It has a padded interior and waterproof seal, easy to use plastic latches, and can withstand temperatures up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Container Cribs

Container Cribs - Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition - 2020Container Cribs are environmentally friendly and affordable manufactured houses built from 160 square-foot repurposed shipping containers. Each features an open-floor design plan with an unfurnished common living space. There is room for an oven, microwave, fridge and freezer, combo clothes washer and dryer and a bedroom, as well as a separate 3’ x 8’ furnished bathroom, complete with a vanity, shower and toilet.


Naturn - Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition - 2020Naturn is a biodegradable urn made of bamboo, designed for the ashes of loved ones and pets. Available in two sizes and with optional custom engraving, it makes a visually appealing display in a home, or the entire urn can be buried and it will fully decompose in three to five years.


Stemmata - Jackson Rainey Business Plan Competition - 2020Stemmata is an after-school program for children ages 8-14, designed to further understanding of STEM field subjects, build independence and social skills, and increase familiarity with emerging educational technologies.

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