There are many ways to help out James Madison University students and faculty. 

Give your time and energy.

We are always looking for alumni in the financial field to come back to talk to our students. 

  • If you plan on being in the Harrisonburg area, let us know a week in advance; there may be an opportunity for you to talk to a class or meet with a group of students.
  • If you are interested in participating in Finance Career Night, sharing your experiences in your career path, contact the Department Head.
  • If you are interested in speaking to a student group, such as the Madison Investment Fund, the Global Association of Risk Professionals or the Financial Management Association, contact us and we will connect you with the officers of the student group.

Provide a financial contribution to the department, the college or the university.

Your gift can be to the general fund of the University of the College.  You can also specify specific funds, based on the account number.  The Department fund accounts are the following:

  • Account 14393: The general account for the Department of Finance and Business Law.  These funds are used to support such things as speakers' expenses, student awards, pizza lunches with guest speakers and student travel expenses to competitions or meetings not covered from other sources.
  • Account 14433: The account for the support of the Gaglioti Capital Markets Trading Laboratory. These  funds are to be used to pay the subscriptions on the trading lab software, as well as any hardware updates.
  • Account 14830: The account for the operations of the Madison Investment Fund.  This account is used by the student organization for transportation to investment competitions, as well as to cover expenses of the preparation of reports and displays.

Provide a financial contribution toward a student's scholarship. 

  • We currently offer the following scholarships:  
    • AJ and Beth Fisher Scholarship
    • Jospeh T. Kosnik Memorial Scholarship
    • Philip H. Maxwell Endowed Scholarship
    • Shelly Wheeler Financial Engineering Scholarship
  • Considering both programs, we graduate over 150 students each year.  Additional scholarships are quite welcome.

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