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Many CIS grads work in the area of Business Intelligence (BI). In addition to the CIS major, we also have a Business Analytics minor which provides advanced quantitative modeling to facilitate depth in the BI area. CIS majors can obtain a Business Analytics minor by adding two additional courses to their curriculum.

  Several courses in the CIS major prepare students for this specialty.

These core courses of the CIS major provide key skills relevant to Business Intelligence:

  • CIS 330 Database Design and Application
  • CIS 484 System Development and Implementation

The following CIS electives facilitate technical competency in the area of Business Intelligence:

  • CIS 463 Business Intelligence
  • CIS/BSAN 393 Predictive Analysis and Data Mining

Students who minor in Business Analytics will also take the following additional courses to increase their skills in quantitative analytics:

  • BSAN 391 Quantitative Business Modeling
  • CIS/BSAN 392 Descriptive & Predictive Analytic Methods
  • BSAN 393 Predictive Analysis and Data Mining

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