After taking up residence for one year at the Student Success Center, we will be moving into the freshly completed College of Business Learning Complex in late summer 2020.  While we are ecstatic to grow into our new, state-of-the-art space, we worry about what kind of impression our new address might give to the JMU student body as a whole. 

At the GCFE, we firmly believe that entrepreneurship belongs to everyone on campus – not just School of Business students. In fact, many entrepreneurs come from disciplines outside the business world.  Entrepreneurs can be writers or engineers, teachers or saxophone players. 

Just because our address next year will say COB, doesn’t mean we’ve stopped serving everyone on campus. 

To prove this, we are launching a plan called the GCFE Cross-Campus Initiative to collaborate with every school (and the remaining set of departments from the overarching college) in the seven undergraduate colleges to create an entrepreneurially minded on campus event in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The GCFE Cross-Campus Initiative will give the GCFE a massive reach to hundreds of students and only further to expand our campus connection. It will also give us the chance to interact with JMU populations that we have not yet been able to reach – the College of Education and School of Nursing, for example. Lectures, workshop series, guest speakers, performances, showcases or exhibits are all possible collaborations, though we are open to other ideas as well. Imagination should know no bounds!  

Events must take place on JMU campus. (Trips, conferences off campus will not be considered) and while we understand the events will more than likely be specifically catered to the students in each respective school, events should be open to the entire JMU community. 

Events will be co-sponsored with the expectation that the Schools will also be putting financial support into the event. However, The GCFE will provide up to $1000 per event to cover travel expenses and housing for guest speakers etc.

  • The money will not go towards an honorarium.
  • The GCFE will not cover Aramark food at the event.
  • If two Schools or remaining departments decide to co-host an event together, the total budget will be up to $2000. (Three schools/departments would get up to $3000 etc.) This would allow for even larger events 

The GCFE staff will collaborate with faculty and staff from the schools and the remaining departments to identify possibly Entrepreneurial guests or events. All events will be co-sponsored with organizational and promotional endeavors falling between the two entities. All events will occur during the 2020-2021 school year, culminating in an event in collaboration with our new neighbors at the COB. 

To apply faculty and staff should email and CC your AUH or Dean with their proposed idea.  Proposals will be considered through May 1st at which point planning will begin for 2020-2021 dates.

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