How do I "Repeat & Forgive" a course?

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Where do the transcripts sent by my old college for transfer credit go?

Your transcripts from other colleges and universities are sent to the Office of the Registrar (Student Success Center 5300). These transcripts must be in sealed envelopes by the registrar at the other school.  Official transcripts should be mailed directly from that school to the Office of Registrar.  If delivering an official transcript in person, the Office of Registrar will only accept it if the envelope is sealed.

Will my transfer credits count toward my General Education and degree programs?

Credit will be awarded for those courses equivalent to courses offered at JMU in which you have earned a grade of "C" or better. The JMU Office of the Registrar will evaluate your transcript(s) to show the credits accepted by the university. General Education requirements will be waived if you have completed either the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science or the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree at a Virginia community college. For details, consult the JMU Virginia Community College Transfer Guide. This waiver applies only if you have obtained one of the associate's degrees noted above from a Virginia community college.

Which of the pre-COB 300 core classes can be transferred?

Effective October 1, 2008, transfer credit for any of the B.B.A. lower level core courses (subject to the exception following) will only be approved for courses completed at an AACSB accredited four-year college or university. However, MATH 205/235, ECON 201, and ECON 200 can be transferred from a community college. A student must have the course(s) approved PRIOR to enrollment at another institution.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide information sufficient to determine whether the course is comparable to the JMU course. This policy does not apply to students who complete B.B.A. lower level core courses at other institutions prior to enrollment at JMU.

What do I need to submit when I need a transfer credit equivalency form signed? Where can I get a transfer credit form signed?

You need to bring in a completed transfer credit form along with a description of the course and a course syllabus that you wish to take at another college or university. Generally, you can find the course description on the college's website. If you have a copy of the course catalog, you can bring that with your transfer credit form.  The transfer credit forms are available in the CoB Academic Success Center.  See the ASC website for more details.

Waitlist and Swap Feature Instructions

If you cannot enroll in an open section of a class that you need to take, then you may be able to enroll in a waitlist section of the class. Enrolling in a waitlist section of a class indicates that it is a priority for you to have a seat in the class, but it does not guarantee a seat. Before enrolling in a waitlist section of a class, you should enroll in a full schedule of 14-16 credit hours. This will assure that you have a full schedule if you are unable to obtain a seat in the waitlisted class. By using the swap feature within MyMadison, you indicate which class the system will automatically drop if you obtain a seat.

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