Addressing Affordable Housing & Homelessness

open-doors.jpgJoin JMU Civic in partnership with Open Doors to learn more about homelessness and what we can do to address it.

Read Harrisonburg's Comprehensive Housing Study to better understand housing needs through social determinents of health.

Learn about and get involved in Faith in Action's Housing Campaign.

Meals for Open Doors

Open Doors is a shelter of last resort for anyone experiencing homelessness who may not qualify to stay at other shelters.

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Despite some four decades of research into best practices and policies, homelessness has increased nationally and reached crisis levels in the United States. As a result of the pandemic, people are at an even greater risk of housing insecurity. In a new book, Ungoverned and Out of Sight, Dr. Charley Willison, a National Institutes of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard University Department of Health Care Policy, explores how strategic decentralization and delegation of homeless policy governance have created fragmented systems that make it challenging to address homelessness in the United States. Dr. Willison emphasizes improving participatory equity of persons experiencing homelessness or at risk to improve policy design and implementation. Dr. Willison also offers recommendations to improve homeless policy and governance systems.

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