Scoping Study of the Effects of Aging on Landmines (2008-2010)

Study on the Effects of Aging on Landmines (2010)

Adaptive Technology Catalog pdf (2008)

Landmine Casualty Data: Best Practices Guidebook pdf (2008) 

Global Education and Training Initiatives pdf 2008

Enhancement of Casualty Data Collection and Management pdf (2004) 

Decision Tools Manual pdf (2004)  

Decision Making to Prioritize Mine Clearance Projects pdf (2004) 

Managing Landmine Casualty Data pdf (2001)

The Role of Civil Affairs in Mine Action pdf (2000) 

Developing & Integrating a Lessons-Learned Methodology for Mine Action pdf (1999) 

Mozambique Mine Awareness Education Module pdf (1998) 

Mozambique: A Listing of Organizations Conducting Humanitarian Demining pdf (1998) 

Task 1C(3) Humanitarian Demining Requirements Analysis: Final Report pdf (1997)

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