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CISR is a global leader and consultant for humanitarian mine action (HMA)-related geographic information system (GIS) and map-development services. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

From 2015–2018, CISR conducted multiple innovative GIS and mapping services for the HMA community, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. CISR worked in partnership with faculty and students from James Madison University’s Geographic Science Program to conduct a widespread needs assessment from global leaders at the intersection of HMA and information management. CISR/JMU identified the major GIS operational and reporting needs and concerns of the community in order to create technological tools directly addressing those issues. The work resulted in the creation of the CISR AGO Survey Tool (CAST), an integrated GIS tool using the Esri company’s ArcGIS Online (AGO) platform, which allows HMA/UXO clearance operators to record spatial and qualitative information directly into geodatabases using mobile technology.

CISR/JMU, in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid and Project RENEW, then successfully piloted CAST with Cluster Munition Remnants Survey teams in central Vietnam. In addition, faculty from CISR/JMU assisted organizations in Vietnam with GIS software to conduct spatial analysis of casualty data, and prioritization of survey and clearance work.

Mapping Services survey form and dots

Throughout the project, CISR used its extensive in-house publishing and information-sharing experience to support more than a dozen domestic and international governmental and non-governmental organizations with planning and reporting needs by creating high-quality, custom, illustrative and program maps.


 CISR/JMU completed the sponsored project at the end of 2018, with future GIS and mapping services pending the availability of funds. High-quality base maps for many mine/UXO-contaminated countries and regions remain free and open for public use via the online map catalog below. To learn more about the details and lessons learned from the GIS survey tool pilot—CAST—please see this previous article in The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction.

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CISR has provided a variety of ready-to-use country, regional and continental maps for use at no cost. Please click an area below to view map inventory:

Articles about GIS from The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction (formerly The Journal of ERW and Mine Action) through 2018:

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