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This is a sample of topics and guest speakers who have participated in previous Senior Manager's Courses. As the curriculum of the 2013 course is finalized it will be made available.

JMU Faculty and Staff:

  • COL (Ret.) Dennis Barlow, Research and Public Service
  • Dr. Paul Bierly, College of Business
  • Dr. Brian Charette, Human Resources, Training and Performance
  • Mr. Geary Cox, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
  • Dr. Paula Daly, College of Business
  • Mr. Robert Eliason, College of Business
  • Dr. Suzanne Fiederlein, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
  • Dr. Daniel Gallagher, College of Business
  • Dr. Steven Harper, College of Business
  • Dr. Tony Hartshorn, College of Science and Mathematics
  • Dr. Bernd Kaussler, College of Arts and Letters
  • Dr. Gary Kirk, College of Arts and Letters
  • Dr. Tim Louwers, College of Business
  • Mr. Cameron Macauley, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
  • Dr. Fariss Mousa, College of Business
  • Ms. Nicole Neitzey, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
  • Mr. Fernando Pargas, College of Business
  • Dr. Laura Parks, College of Business
  • Mr. Andy Perrine, Communications and Marketing
  • Dr. Robert Richardson, College of Business
  • Dr. Ken Rutherford, Director of CISR
  • Dr. Elias Semaan , College of Business
  • Dr. Qingjiu (Tom) Tao, College of Business
  • Dr. Marion White, College of Business


Guest Lecturers:

  • Col. Nick Spignesi, USMC, US Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement
  • Elise Becker, Marshall Legacy Institute
  • Kurt Chesko, The HALO Trust
  • Eric Filippino, Mine Action Resources
  • Amb. Stephan Husy, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
  • Takuto Kubo, United Nations Mine Action Service
  • Bill Johnson, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Jennifer Lachman, MAG America
  • Pehr Lodhammar, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
  • Kent Paulusson, United Nations Development Programme
  • Lynn Powell, Institute of Certified Professional Managers
  • Guy Rhodes, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
  • Howard Thompson, HMT Insurance Brokers Ltd.



  • Context, Tools and Techniques for Mine Action:
    Evolution of Mine & ERW Action: Global Context (CISR/MAIC)
    International Humanitarian Law & ERW/Mine Action (CISR/MAIC)
    Resource Mobilization & Funding Strategies and Proposal Writing (CISR/MAIC)
    Survey & Land Release (GICHD)
    International Mine Action Standards and Quality Management (GICHD & CISR/MAIC)
    IMAS and National Standards (GICHD)
    Mine/ERW Risk Education: Newest Thinking & Developments (Mine Action Resources)
    US Government Conventional Weapons Destruction programs (DOS PM/WRA)
    US Government: Humanitarian Demining R&D Program (DOD/OASD SO/LIC & IC)
    Physical Stockpile Security Management (DOD/DTRA)
    CISR Program Activities: MRE and Survivor Assistance
    GICHD Services and Programs in Support of ERW/Mine Action (GICHD)
    Victim Assistance, AP Mine Ban Treaty and CRPD (CISR)
    IHL and ERW/Mine Action (CISR)
    Peer–to-Peer Survivor Assistance Programs (CISR)
    Donor Country Perspectives on Foreign Aid (JMU/Political Science)
    Diversity in ERW and Mine Action (CISR)
    Gender Mainstreaming in ERW and Mine Action (CISR)
    Contracting, Liability, and Insurance (GICHD)
    Effects of Aging on Landmines and Implications for Future of Clearance Ops (JMU/CISR)
    UNMAT: Role of UN in ERW/Mine Action (UNMAS)
    Promoting National Ownership Transition or Transformation (Mine Action Resources)
    Certified Professional Managers Program (ICPM)
    The Role of NGOs in Mine Action (HALO Trust, MAG, MLI)
    UNDP’s Role and Activities in Support of ERW/Mine Action (UNDP)


  • Management Skills:
    Intro to Management
    Strategic Planning Process
    Establishing Strategic Direction and Goals
    Internal & External Environment
    Evaluating Strategic Options
    Financial Analysis    
    Organizational Theory (Culture and Structure)
    Managing Organizational Change
    Leadership Models
    HR Management—Staffing
    HR Management—Performance Management
    Controlling—Accountability and Performance in Public Administration
    Project Management
    Managing Team and Group Dynamics
    The Control Process/Control Systems
    Quality Management
    Conflict Resolution
    Managing Organizational Resources


  • Personal Skills for Effective Management:
    Time Management
    Proposal Writing
    Communication Skills
    Oral Presentations
    Media Relations


  • Workshops: Participants Selected Three, 2.5 hours each:
    Strategic Planning Practicum
    Communication Skills for Effective Managers
    Supervisory Skills
    Project Management Using Microsoft Project
    Financial Accountability & Transparency