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The Lessons-Learned Database serves as a clearinghouse for mine action information. This neutral site provides the opportunity for specific lessons in the field to be distributed and discussed in an open forum. Individuals are encouraged to share experiences and methodologies that they feel will benefit others in the mine action community.

Periodically, the lessons and comments contributed here will be analyzed by a panel of experts who will make recommendations toward the further development of the International Mine
Action Standards (IMAS), policy, best-practices and other mine action guidelines.
What are lessons-learned?
In its broadest sense, lessons-learned information is composed of:
  • Positive and negative experiences directly relating to the conduct of mine actions programs
  • Test results whether from operations themselves or from product testing
  • Program evaluations of ongoing programs
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as developed for specific operations and changes to existing SOPs
Why is lessons-learned information important?
There is clearly a need to develop some standardized reporting system for lessons-learned within the mine action community. In consultations with individual operators, policy-makers, donors, and other interested persons the following were established as the primary reasons for reporting lessons learned:
  • To improve safety
  • To increase effectiveness of current and future humanitarian demining operations
  • To encourage further cooperation within the mine action community
The Center for International Stabilization and Recovery's Mine Action Information Center is a neutral site and does not edit messages for content. All opinions are those of the users posting the information and should not be attributed to the CISR/MAIC or to any of its partners. In the interests of encouraging an open exchange of information, contact information is not required, however, users are encouraged to identify themselves whenever possible.