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UNICEF Landmines and Small Arms Team Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy Unit

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UNICEFÕs activities in mine action are primarily focused in three areas: Mine Risk Education (MRE), which aims to make people aware of the threat and enable them to live more safely with the threat; advocacy to stigmatise the use of landmines and clear other explosive remnants of war; and assistance and support for children and others injured in blasts. UNICEFÕs role is to work with partners to ensure that MRE needs are met in an appropriate, effective and timely fashion, that the Mine Ban Treaty and related legal instruments are universally ratified and implemented, and that mine survivors, especially children, have access to comprehensive support services.

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Attn: UNICEF office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS)
3 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017


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(212) 326-7378

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(212) 326-7037

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