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Torrens Resilience Institute

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The Torrens Resilience Institute has been established at the International University Precinct in Adelaide, South Australia to improve the capacity of organisations and societies to respond to disruptive challenges which have the potential to overwhelm local disaster management capabilities and plans.

The Institute provides a unique capability, with a significant proportion of their courses delivered at post-graduate level across a range of relevant subject areas in defence and security, medicine and public health, engineering, the social sciences, management and leadership, climate change and sustainability, environmental studies and enabling disciplines.

We aim to be a national and international centre of excellence through the development of advanced thinking in the concept of resilience. Our mission is to assist the Federal and State Governments, the emergency services, organisations and civil society enhance their leadership and management capabilities, and thus enable them to prepare for, and respond better to, disruptive challenges.

In addition to building national and community resilience within Australia, our work assists the Federal and State Governments achieve their foreign policy and humanitarian objectives by developing resilient national capacities in the countries of South East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

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Torrens Building
220 Victoria Square
Adelaide,  SA 5000, Australia


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+61 8 8221 5440

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+61 8 8221 5441

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