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National Center for Physical Acoustics/The University of Mississippi

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As a national research facility on a university campus, the Jamie L. Whitten National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA) functions as a university-wide research activity, an academic enterprise and an acoustics knowledge base. NCPA missions and goals are to: maintain a vigorous basic and applied research program in the physics of acoustics in order to insure a viable national source of expertise, innovations and technology transfer to solve problems for our society educate graduate students with knowledge and lab experience on the frontiers of the physics of acoustics in order to produce qualified future researchers, teachers, practitioners and leaders in acoustics for our State and Nation provide researchers throughout the country with access to facilities, support and archival materials in order to explore, promote and transfer new principles and concepts in acoustics.

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Jamie Whitten
National Center for Physical Acoustics,
The University of Mississippi,
1 Coliseum Drive,
University, MS-38677


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  • Research and Technology

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  • USA

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