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Japan Alliance for Humanitarian Demining Support (JAHDS)

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Mission Statement:
Objectives of JAHDS are: 1) to carry out operations related to the development of landmine detection technology and logistic support systems for humanitarian purposes to protect innocent civilians in the region affected by landmines and 2) to carry out operations for the continued provision of the fruits of technological developments to national demining organizations in the countries affected by landmines and international NGOs engaged in humanitarian landmine clearance activity, as well as 3) develops comprehensive landmine detection technology and demining systems using technology and/or equipment developed by JAHDS or by the others for those purposes and 4) to carry out humanitarian demining operations in the field, and through these operations to give support to JapanÕs national efforts to enhance its international contribution as well as to the advancement of international status of Japan and to the achievement of humanitarian relief.

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8th Fl No.9 Mori Bldg.
1-2-2 Atago, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0002


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+81 3-5776-1623

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+81 3-5473-1668

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  • Cambodia
  • Thailand

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