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Fachschule des Heeres fuer Technik

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The training center Technik Landsysteme has been based in Aachen since 1964 and since 1973 in Eschweiler. Located on 4 barracks in and around Aachen, this department, as the training and competence center for technology on land systems, covers the classic elements of teaching and field tests. The variety of devices in land systems requires concentrated technical understanding. More than 260 different training types with a total of around 500 transits must be carried out annually to meet the needs of the armed forces. The operation at the Training Center for Technology Land Systems is ensured by approximately 550 soldiers and approximately 130 civilian employees.

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Grp Wentwg. Dez 7, Trierer Str. 445
52060 Aachen


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  • Research and Technology

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  • Germany

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