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Church of Hope Ministries(CHM)

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sub: 1. An Appeal to support ministry and to be a partners to serve in need with Church of Hope Ministries(CHM) 2. Add our Address and E-Mails in your mailing list and send all news letters and regular publications/informations. Dearly, Beloved in Christ, Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and in the name of Church of Hope Ministries(CHM) ********** It is dedicated to the glory of God and to the services of mankind, this is an inter denominational non-profit charitable society is committed to the proclamation of the Gospel and to help man kind through the social welfare projects and schemes to reach the un reached. We pray and hope that you will have the same experience, so we welcome you in His name to join our Hands. The Loving hands of our Lord Jesus will be upon us ÒFor the Lord will judge His people and He will have compassion on His servantsÓ(Psalm 135:14). As per the verse pray that the Lord will enable us to fulfill His expectations concerning the ministry and mission. We are very much pleased prayer fully through the Holy Spirit to know about your ministry or to contact and have a fellowship and partnership with each other to serve in need of man kind through spiritually and physically, by the valuable support and Help of GodÕs, people like you and your ministry, for which we thank our Lord with such charismatic hearts and compassion towards the needy people. This is truly a blessing from the Lord to you all. The Church of Hope Ministries(CHM), seeks to be instrumental in God's hand. The ministry is maintained by the voluntary contributions, donations, gifts aids and support by the God's, people, for its, continue operation. Hence we appeal and request you; your ministry and family members to take active part in this ministry through your valuable support and prayerful guidance to lift the ministries. OUR MISSION PROJECTS: Religious: Gospel work, crusades, seminars, evangelism, Theological College, Tape, Radio, TV,ministry, Prayer cells, church plant, internet ministry Telephone prayer ministry, counseling,child welfare, magazines, News letters, women welfare, Retired Homes and to support for pastors, Gospel workers and prayers worriers. Rehabilitation: Mercy Homes for orphans, widows, old age Destitute, Blind and Handicapped people, HIV/Aids prevention centers. Medical care centers and social welfare schemes for poor and under privileged people, community development programs, like computer,sewing,and vocational Training schools, Housing needs. Educational: Schools, Colleges, Adult literacy, Libraries, Audio, Video, CD and New Life Homes, to provide scholarship to the poor students and needy families to support financially. And to get regularhelp to cover the mission office Bearers and administration expenses and other projects. We are expecting your presence in our ministers andHelp in a great endeavor for the Glory of God. Wepray to God to give you generous hearts to our needy. We want to express our heart fell thanked to the support and up holding us in thin prayers. Church of Hope Ministries(CHM) is needed Regular financial support to meet the growing need of its work. In Acts 20; 35 where it quotes our Lord has saying it is more blessed to give then receive. Thank you my precious partner in ministry for your gift of Love financiers and prayer your generosity to the work of the lord has been witnessed in heaven as well as hear on earth. While thanking and praying to make use of your ministry/family for GodÕs, Glory and honor may be given you all, spiritual Blessings and answer to every prayer and needs of those who come and requests for your Help and assistance in Jesus Name. I WILL BE HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Let us agree together for God to meet those special needs and serve in need as per (proverbs 19:17)says. According to His abundant riches in glory by Christ Jesus ensuring our hearty co-operation during all times in all matters. May the Lords abundant riches in glory by Christ Jesus ensuring our hearty co-operation during all times in all matters. May the Lords abundantly bless you and your loved ones in this Christmas season and during the coming New year 2007 Thanking you very much Yours in Christ, John Sobhan Korrapati.M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil. Evangelist/President, Church of Hope Ministries(CHM).

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John Sobhan Korrapati,
Church of Hope Ministries(CHM),GRACE VILLA,Do-No-7-16-283,7/5-SriNagar.
GUNTUR-522002,Andhra Pradesh.South India.


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