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CS Department Renovations

The Commonwealth has invested in 11 state universities to increase the tech talent pipeline to create 31,000 new computer science graduates over 20 years. As part of the state funds that JMU has received, the Computer Science Department is renovating and expanding our labs, teaching spaces, study and meeting areas, and faculty offices.

The renovations are occurring over two summers: the first phase was completed in the summer 2020 and the second phase will be finalized the summer of 2021. The department primarily remains on the 2nd floor of ISAT/CS but has also added a series of labs and classrooms on the 2nd floor of EnGeo.  

See what's new:

  • CS student study and advising area
  • Renovated conference room
  • Renovated classroom to facilitate group work and collaboration
  • One of four new faculty offices to accommodate new hires expansion
  • Full view
  • New CS branding reinforced with glass boards and vinyl decals
  • New monitors for broadcasting messages to CS community (and new seating along hallway!)
  • Renovated area incorporated branded CS colors and, of course, JMU purple!

Our new spaces include:

  • several updated classroom designed with movable furniture to work in small or large groups

  • a new student study area outside our two Linux labs on the 2nd floor of ISAT/CS

  • new faculty offices to accommodate our new hires and a new conference room

  • an architecture/embedded lab (forthcoming)

  • a HCI and full stack development lab (forthcoming)

  • a large glass enclosed area where students can collaborate on projects and meet in research groups with faculty (forthcoming)

All of our areas are being freshen up with framed photography, new furniture, and glass boards.  We are embracing our JMU colors, you can see purple throughout our hallways and rooms, but are also integrated our new CS branded colors including teal and ice blue!

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