Valerie Schoolcraft discusses the details of JMU Disability Services.

Office of Disability Services Frequently Asked Questions

Does an IEP or 504 Plan roll over from high school to JMU?

No. All incoming students with disabilities may apply for accommodations at JMU but past accommodations are not automatically rolled over.

Will I have the same accommodations that I had in high school?

Accommodations in college often look different due to the difference in learning environment. Incoming students can certainly ask for any accommodation and ODS will review the request within the university context.

How do I ask for accommodations in my classes at JMU?

Submit your application and documentation to ODS to be considered for accommodations.

How will my professors know that I have accommodations in their classes?

All students who are approved for accommodations will receive an official letter from ODS that lists their approved accommodations. Students meet with each of their professors to discuss how to use these accommodations in their class.

Will other students in my classes know that I have accommodations?

No. Your status as a student who has accommodations is confidential and all JMU staff should comply with FERPA.

Can I decide after I start classes if I want to apply for/use accommodations?

Yes, but keep in mind that accommodations cannot be retroactive. Therefore, tests, quizzes, assignments, grades, etc. that have already been administered cannot be changed.

If I have accommodations for exams, do I need to leave the classroom to take an exam?

That depends on what you and your professor decide when you set up that accommodation in their class. Sometimes accommodations cannot be given in the classroom, but sometimes they can. ODS has a test proctoring space where you can request a reservation to take an exam if you and your professor prefer.

How do I apply for housing accommodations?

Please download the housing accommodation request form from our website ( Students complete Part 1 and their treating clinician completes Part 2. Once submitted, the request will be forwarded for review by the Housing Accommodation Request Committee, and the student will receive the committee’s decision via their Dukes email account.

What documentation am I required to submit for academic accommodations?

Our documentation guidelines are outlined on our ODS website. Please visit our website at

Your documentation should be written by professionals who have assessed for your needs; it should demonstrate you have a disability and it should provide information about your current experience and challenges due to disability for which you need accommodations in college.

Does my parent/guardian have access to my personal information?

Not without your permission. You may fill out a release form that allows ODS to speak with your parent/guardian but it is not required.

Send other questions via e-mail to Disability Services

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