Job Search Materials

In Fall 2021, JMU’s Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry conducted an open search to identify new tenure track and renewable term appointment faculty colleagues by using an anonymized and scaffolded process. 

Because our search drew a lot of interest, particularly from our colleagues at other Primarily Undergraduate Institutions, and we hope others can learn from and improve upon our process, we are sharing our process and the documents we developed.  

We've drafted a manuscript on what we've done and posted it to ChemRxiv to share this process with the community. This document contains the process of what we did and our reflections on what worked and what we would do differently when we have an opportunity to hire again. We hope that you'll find this information useful. 

We would like to know who is downloading these materials and how you're using them. Please consider submitting your information before downloading the files. 

Voluntary Information Submission Form

Evaluation Materials and Instructions for Renewable Term Appointment (RTA) Position

Evaluation Materials and Instructions for Tenure Track Position

Student Evaluation Surveys


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