Scholarly Writing Communities enhance academic culture through programming customized to the phases of the scholarly writing process: brainstorming, drafting, peer review & revision, and polishing/publishing. Programs support researchers and writers at all levels in acquiring skills, networking, and increasing scholarly productivity. Whether brainstorming a project, stuck on methodologies, in need of time to write, or celebrating publication, a Scholarly Writing Community can support faculty in every stage of their scholarship/research.  Facilitated by a faculty mentor or self-directed, the process provides: support for creating individualized objectives; encouragement from peers; accountability for progress; and celebration of success.  Want to form a scholarly writing community? Email for assistance.

Upcoming Scholarly Writing Events



  • Nov 17: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • Nov 20: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • Nov 27: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • Dec 1: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • Dec 4: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • Jan 4: January Symposium 2018: Methods and Manuscripts
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