Mace Bentley is a Professor in the Geographic Science Program, Department of Integrated Science and Technology. Mace spent the 2014-2015 winter break as a Fulbright Specialist Scholar at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand. Mace gave several workshops and lectures discussing impacts and mitigation of climate change in Southeast Asia to graduate students in the international program. The students attending the workshops were from Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Tanzania. Mace is a geographer who has research interests in synoptic and mesoscale climatology and weather-societal interactions. This interdisciplinary research draws upon his experience developing climatologies of severe weather and extends this focus to examine human-land-atmosphere interactions.

Given the breadth of subjects found under the umbrella of geography, Mace enjoys teaching a wide range of courses from climate change to understanding human cognition and environmental perception through film.

Mace Bentley classroom
Mace Bentley school group
Mace Bentley abroad

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