Ed Brantmeier

Dr. Edward J. Brantmeier is an Associate Professor in the Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education Department and Assistant Director of Scholarship Programs for the Center for Faculty Innovation at James Madison University. Ed has published three co-edited books and one co-written book, as well as over 30 articles/book chapters.   He served as a founding co-editor of a book series on peace education (14 volumes written by other authors) with Information Age Publishing.  He serves on the editorial boards of the international Journal of Peace Education and Infactis Pax: Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice.  Currently, he is co-writing a book, Culturally Competent Engagement: A Mindful Approach, with Dr. Noorie Brantmeier.   He is also co-editing a book, Pedagogy of Vulnerability, with Dr. Maria McKenna.  He uses a strength-based and growth mindset approach to coaching others in writing.

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