Alumni Impact Program (AIP)
  • AIP is a mentoring initiative that seeks to empower academic success and foster positive exposure for CSP students. CSP alumni are matched with current CSP students to provide opportunities for networking, career and academic guidance, and the chance for alumni and current students to connect and establish meaningful relationships.
Family Network
  • The Family Network is a resource for new and continuing family members of CSP students to connect and support each other throughout their student's career at JMU. If you are a family member of a Centennial Scholar, this is also a way for you to give back to the program.
Big/Little Buddy
  • The CSP Big Buddy/Little Buddy system is a peer support program designed to help incoming students more readily adjust to college life. Upperclass CSP students are paired with incoming freshman and transfer students to advise them on age-specific issues, such as the best classes to take, places to live, organizations to join, etc.

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