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  • Serve as a secretary/receptionist for the CSP office including answering phone and emails, greeting visitors, and creating/editing program documentation.
  • Coordinate and manage the program's community service timesheets and study hall logs.
  • Assist with planning for all CSP events (Family Weekend, Large Group meetings and receptions, Open Houses, etc).
  • Assist with requesting and processing all GA semester report submissions.
  • Assist with maintaining the department website using Cascade.
  • Create and distribute surveys and evaluations through Qualtrics and Question Pro.
  • Assist with maintaining the department’s systems, including MS Access, Canvas and SharePoint.
  • Maintain and create CSP PowerPoints for the office, Large Group and special events.
  • Attend all departmental meetings, GA retreats, GA professional development meetings, Large Group meetings and trainings as requested.
  • Assist with the undergraduate and graduate application process, and assist with all day-long interviews.
  • Oversee the office volunteers through supervision, task delegation and leadership.
  • Complete any tasks required by the Program Administrator and Executive Director as needed.

POSITION REQUIREMENT: PROGRAM GA's work up to 20 hours per week in the CSP office during the hours of 8am-5pm (weekdays) throughout the semester of each academic year. Unfortunately, students in the MAT program are not currently eligible due to inability to fulfill the this requirement and schedule their office hours during these specific time frame. (Please see the CSP GA Mentor position instead.)

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