Student Affairs


The vice president for student affairs serves as the executive officer responsible for the development of a campus environment conducive to the positive educational and personal growth of students.

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to advance the educational purpose and institutional values of James Madison University. The division strives to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of students, to advance the integration of the curricular and cocurricular areas of student life, and to enhance students' affective and cognitive development. Student affairs seeks to foster a healthy, safe and intellectually challenging environment that encourages student involvement and promotes diversity and cultural richness.

Through its commitment to the efficient management of human, technological, capital and fiscal resources, the division endeavors to practice comprehensive planning, broad-based decision making and ongoing assessment and evaluation. The division promotes the personal and professional development of its staff and supports collaborative efforts with faculty and staff members, students and residents of the community. Each member of the Division of Student Affairs is an educator in the development of the student as a whole person, permitting students the freedom to explore alternatives and make decisions within defined boundaries of behavior.

Student Affairs Offices


The Office of Admissions, located in Sonner Hall, is responsible for the marketing, recruitment and evaluation of prospective students for admission to JMU. The office accepts applications from freshmen, transfer, re-entry and international students.

Campus tours are held throughout the week and on Saturdays. For information regarding JMU's admission policies and procedures please refer to page 21.


The JMU Bookstore is owned and operated by the university as a service to the campus community. The bookstore stocks all textbooks used by the academic schools and departments. In addition to textbooks, both new and used, the store handles school, office and computer supplies, software, clothing, gifts, magazines and greeting cards. A large selection of general and technical books are available to supplement texts and for casual reading. Store services include special orders for books, textbook buy back, gift certificates, film processing, bus tickets and computer sales.

Regular Session Hours of Operation

Monday and Tuesday, Thursday
Wednesday and Friday Saturday
8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Card Services

Card Services issues the JMU access card which is the official university I.D. for all members of the James Madison University community. The JAC is used for identification, access to various campus facilities and services, and meal and declining balance plans.

Card Services administers meal plans and dining dollar declining balance accounts for dining services. Both resident and commuter students have meal plan options. Card Services also administers the FLEX declining balance accounts which are honored for purchases or services in the following areas: Bookstore, Copy Centers, Mister Chips, postal services, game room, vending and laundry machines (located throughout the campus), University Health Center, Warren Hall Ticket Office, copy machines and laser printers at various campus locations, and all dining services locations.

For further information on JAC, declining balance accounts and meal plans, including prices, restrictions and guidelines, contact Card Services, Warren Hall, Fifth Floor, or call (540) 568­6446.

Mister Chips

The on-campus convenience store, Mister Chips,
is owned and operated by the university and provides a wide variety of campus lifestyle products including snacks and beverages, health and grooming aids, newspapers, greeting cards, novelties, flowers and balloons. Mister Chips provides dry cleaning and laundry service (drop-off, pick-up), flower and balloon delivery (on campus), film processing, and video rental.

Store Hours

Monday through Friday Saturday and Sunday
7:30 a.m. to midnight 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Hours are limited in the summer and during breaks.

Center for Multicultural Student Services

The Center for Multicultural Student Services is responsible for assessing the needs of multiethnic student populations at JMU and coordinating programs and services designed to meet those needs. The office exists as an integral part of the student affairs division and works diligently to provide the following services:

The center staff makes a conscientious effort through programs and services to promote the importance of cultural diversity and awareness for the entire JMU community. Any student who wants more information about these services should contact the center in Warren Hall, Room 245, or call (540) 568­6928.

On-Campus Copy Centers

On-campus copy centers offer a variety of copying, binding and graphic design services as well as course packs required for academic programs.

Copy Center Locations

Carrier Library, Room 37 568­3908
Warren Hall, Room 300 568­7842
Wilson Hall, Room 303 568­3704
Zane Showker Hall, Room 203 568­3285

Counseling and Student Development Center

The Counseling and Student Development Center provides mental health services, educational and learning skills assistance and human relations services to the student community. Through individual therapy, group counseling and psychoeducational programming, the center aids students in resolving personal conflicts, dealing with emotional distress, developing more effective and satisfying lifestyles, overcoming substance abuse and sexual abuse trauma, enriching interpersonal relationships, substance abuse recovery and enhancing their educational development.

In addition to counseling and therapy, the center provides consultative services and psychoeducational programs to students, faculty, administrators and parents. An individual can consult with a counselor to obtain assistance in assessing a problem, making a referral or obtaining information about psychological and mental health services. Students can attend a variety of workshops and presentations (e.g., stress management, interpersonal communication, family dynamics, weight and eating concerns, etc.) offered by the center or request specific topics/presentations for their group or organization.

Services are available to all full-time students; limited services are available to part-time students. The center is staffed by psychologists and counselors. All contacts with the center are treated on a confidential basis unless other arrangements are made. Appointments can be made by calling the center, (540) 568­6552, or stopping by the office, Alumnae Hall, Room 208. In the case of a mental health emergency after regular office hours, assistance can be requested by calling the campus police and public safety office, (540) 568­6911.

Dining Services

JMU Dining Services supports itself entirely on revenue received from boarding students and other customers served through its five operating divisions.

Gibbons Hall

As JMU's largest dining services facility, Gibbons Hall has six major dining rooms. It is also the only dining services facility open at all meals. After being renovated this summer, two dining rooms will be converted into a food court that should be open in October. Three other dining rooms offer a variety of buffets ­ "meat and potatoes," grilled and deli sandwiches, Italian, Mexican, Oriental, salads ­ available on an all-you-can-eat basis. The sixth dining room is a take-out facility featuring bagel sandwiches, Mexican items and a salad bar.

Door 4 Subs

Located in Gibbons Hall, Entrance 4, Door 4 Subs serves a variety of made-to-order sandwiches.

PC Dukes

Located on the ground floor of Phillips Hall, PC Dukes is open to the campus community and visitors. It is an a la carte restaurant that offers fresh food items such as pizza, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, salads, pastas and hamburgers. PC Dukes is a popular and convenient eating facility for the university's faculty, staff and students.

University Club/The Steakhouse

Located on the top floor of Warren Hall, University Club/The Steakhouse offers both a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and cash operation for the campus community and visitors. In the evenings, The Steakhouse boasts an intimate atmosphere for students to enjoy more formal dining. Table service is provided.

Mrs. Green's

Located in the Shenandoah Room of Chandler Hall, Mrs. Green's is a breakfast and lunch alternative available for students. This dining option, geared for the health-conscious customer, features fresh and healthful menu offerings.

Lakeside Express

Also located in Chandler Hall's Shenandoah Room, Lakeside Express serves a variety of pizzas and grilled deli sandwiches and is open for dinner from 5 until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

Special Events

Special Events functions as a catering service for university groups desiring formal dinners, refreshment breaks, banquets, picnics and a number of other affairs. Student customers are also welcome. The office is glad to give free advice to student groups arranging their own picnics, dances and other social activities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships manages and awards all federal and state financial assistance to students who maintain satisfactory progress while attending JMU. The staff is available to assist students in determining their eligibility for financial aid and to answer any questions concerning the application process. They also assist in the selection of recipients for scholarships awarded by the JMU Foundation.

Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in Sonner Hall for applications and instructions concerning procedures and deadlines. For further information regarding the various financial aid programs, please refer to "Scholarships, Grants, Loans and Student Employment" on page 28.

University Health Center

The University Health Center is committed to providing quality care oriented toward assisting students to learn more about their personal health/wellness and treating minor illnesses and concerns. The center is an ambulatory care facility staffed by:

To be eligible for treatment, a completed, current health record must be on file at the University Health Center. The Code of Virginia requires all full-time students to provide documentation of their immunization shots. This information is included on the student's health record. For proper treatment, should it be necessary, this confidential medical history must be available to University Health Center staff.

International Admissions and Enrollment Services

The Office of International Admissions and Enrollment Services is responsible for the admission and enrollment of undergraduate international students as well as the evaluation of academic credit to be awarded for courses taken at non-U.S. based colleges and universities.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of this country, you must complete the international student application. This application and an international student information guidebook are available in the Office of International Admissions and Enrollment Services. In addition to regular freshman and transfer admission requirements, international students must present evidence of English proficiency and documentation of sufficient financial resources. The university welcomes international applications and is authorized by federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Requests for information concerning the admission of undergraduate international students should be directed to: Office of International Admissions and Enrollment Services, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 22807, (540) 568­6147.

International Student and Faculty Services


Students from foreign countries who are attending JMU for one year or less under a program sponsored by either the university or a foreign institution of higher education are classified as international special students. These students will be permitted to take more than 11 credit hours with the approval of the director of international student and faculty services.

Requests for information concerning federal regulations on international students and foreign faculty, visa and health insurance should be directed to: Dr. Bijan Saadatmand, Director, Office of International Student and Faculty Services, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 22807, (540) 568­6336 or 568­6119.


The president of the university has empowered a member of the student affairs staff to serve as ombudsperson. The ombudsperson may bypass normal administrative procedures while seeking direct solutions to students' problems. The ombudsperson's office is located in Alumnae Hall.

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety consists of the following four areas.


JMU provides full-service police protection to the campus community through the university police. Eighteen commissioned officers with comprehensive law enforcement powers patrol the campus and facilities 24 hours a day.

Through the Campus Police Cadet program, carefully screened and trained students are employed to act as auxiliaries for the university police. Cadets are on duty from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. each weeknight and until 3 a.m. on weekends, patrolling their assigned areas and providing escort services to students walking across campus and to and from parking lots. Following cadet duty hours, university police officers escort students as needed. Cadets are also responsible for patrolling and securing academic and administrative buildings on campus each evening.


When school is in session, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, parking on campus is limited to registered vehicles displaying a university parking permit. Individuals with physical disabilities, commuting students and resident seniors, juniors and sophomores may register a vehicle, in that order of priority, on a space-available basis. Other students with valid hardship requests supported by corroborative documentation may be granted special permission to park on campus if space is available.


University locksmiths work closely with faculty and staff members, residence life staff and on-campus Greek housing coordinators to ensure the utmost security of campus facilities.


The university safety engineer conducts safety surveys and inspections; investigates fires, hazardous materials spills and other dangerous conditions; and provides awareness training in all aspects of environmental and workplace safety and health.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for

The Office of the Registrar is located on the first floor of Wilson Hall. Students are directed to this office for information regarding transcripts, veterans affairs certification and certification of enrollment for insurance purposes.

Withdrawal Assistance

The Office of the Registrar assists students who are considering withdrawal from the university. The student and the staff member discuss the personal, financial and academic implications of withdrawal. Staff members can provide the student with the proper withdrawal request forms and assist in their completion.

Residence Life

The residential experience plays a significant role in the total education of students at JMU. The Office of Residence Life is committed to the goal of providing comfortable housing for students which offers a community environment affording each resident maximum opportunities for educational and personal growth.

The residence life office is responsible for the management of all university-sponsored housing facilities including administration of contracts and room assignments, selection, training and supervision of the residence hall staff, and the development of policies and procedures necessary for hall operation and management.

The campus has been divided into geographically distinct areas under the direction of full-time professional staff members. Within each area, graduate and undergraduate hall directors and resident advisers manage day-to-day hall operation and provide assistance to residents through social and educational programming, individual advising and referral to appropriate people or offices when residents need information or assistance.

The JMU Board of Visitors recognizes the value of a residential experience and has determined that it is conducive to the kind of educational environment which James Madison University wishes to establish and maintain. Freshmen students are, therefore, required to live in university-operated housing unless they reside with members of their immediate family. Requests for exceptions to this requirement must receive approval from the Office of Admissions.

Questions regarding room assignments and housing contracts should be directed to the Office of Residence Life in Huffman Hall.

Student Employment

The Student Employment Office directs the employment process for all JMU student employees and administers both the Federal Work-Study Program and the Institutional Employment Program. Located in Warren Hall, Student Employment Office staff encourage students to visit the office for applications and instructions concerning procedures and deadlines.

The Federal Work-Study Program is federally funded and awarded to economically eligible students. The Institutional Employment Program is funded by the university and does not require financial need. Listings of available positions are posted on the VAX bulletin board and in Warren Hall.

University Center

Through facilities, services, programs and resources, the James Madison University Center responds to the needs of students, faculty and staff members and guests. It provides experiential learning opportunities which support the university's mission of student learning and development. The purpose of the University Center is to facilitate a broad range of programs and services representing all members of the university community, to denote a sense of community and to create a community center for the campus. The center encompasses three units: the Madison Leadership Center, University Center Services, and Events and Conferences.

Physically, the University Center is the gathering place of the campus. It contains meeting rooms, assembly spaces, lounges and support services. Philosophically, it is a place where ideas come to life, where learning is put into practice, where the various constituencies of the campus can find common ground; it is an organization committed to serving the needs of students, faculty and staff members and guests of the university.

Madison Leadership Center

The Madison Leadership Center is designed to involve and educate students and prepare them to transform their communities in the spirit of "citizen-leadership," a concept developed by James Madison more than 200 years ago. Encompassing the entire second floor of Taylor Hall, the Madison Leadership Center includes community service-learning, student organization advising, Greek life, campus activities programming, leadership education and development, student government and a variety of student learning opportunities.

University Center Services

University Center Services encompasses a wide spectrum of facilities, programs and services within the James Madison University Center and several services which extend beyond the center. Facilities management, room setups and audio-visual support are provided for the University Center's four buildings: Grafton-Stovall Theatre, Phillips Center, Taylor Hall and Warren Hall. University Center Services also includes the JMUC Box Office, University Lost and Found, Information Resources and coordination of bus transportation. Taylor Down Under, located on the first floor of Taylor Hall, includes the Center for Off-Campus Living, the Corner Pocket Gameroom and additional services to be announced in the fall.

Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences is the result of a merger between the Event Planning Office and the Office of Conference Services. This new arrangement will provide a more comprehensive approach to the coordination of services necessary for campus events and scheduled conferences through the year. The goal of Events and Conferences is to provide a foundation of knowledge, tools and support, allowing university groups and conference sponsors the freedom to focus on the programming and content of their events.

Events and Conferences serves two basic functions: event planning and conference scheduling. Event planning provides a variety of facilities and services for student organizations, faculty and staff members and off-campus groups. Facilities are available for meetings, workshops, receptions, dances, banquets, seminars and conferences. Services include student organizational sales space, information tables, display cases and use of university vehicles.

Conference scheduling allows the general public, guests and visitors to use the wide variety of facilities (including summer housing) JMU has available. Complete meeting management is available to these groups including assistance with setting up a budget, providing registration services, ordering and coordinating all support services, generating invoices and finalizing payments. Assistance is also available on a consultative basis to JMU student organizations and departments planning to sponsor or host events. The Events and Conferences Office is located in Warren Hall, Room 302, and can be reached by calling (540) 568­6330.

Center for Off-Campus Living

Students interested in obtaining information regarding off-campus housing available in the Harrisonburg area should contact the Center for Off-Campus Living in Taylor Hall, Room 102. The center also handles issues relating to contractual disputes, landlord-tenant relationships, parking and transportation issues and utility deposit assistance.

Greek Affairs

The Office of Greek Affairs works with recognized fraternities and sororities to foster cooperation and communication among greeks, the university and the community. The office is committed to the development and growth of the greek system by implementing programs and workshops to facilitate the many aspects of greek life.


An orientation program for all new students is held during the summer for students entering in the fall and prior to spring registration for new students entering in the second semester. The purpose of the orientation program is to acquaint students with the academic programs at JMU, the rights and responsibilities of student members of the university community and the variety of activities and services that are available. A special summer program is provided for parents who want to attend orientation with their son or daughter.

Student Government

Students, faculty members and administrators share the responsibility for the governance of JMU. They are represented on the University Council, on its commissions and on standing and special committees reporting to these bodies.

The student population of the university is collectively represented by the Student Government Association. The association exists to promote the welfare of students and to coordinate activities relevant to students and the campus community.

Student Rights, Regulations and Judicial Procedures

For the university to maintain an environment necessary to fulfill its stated purpose, certain regulations and policies have been established. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with university policies and regulations, which are published in the Student Handbook. The handbook is published on-line and may be accessed through the campus computer systems. Printed copies may be viewed or obtained through the University Center.

Students who are charged with violations of stated university policies are guaranteed their rights as members of the university community. The observance of due process is a prime consideration in all university judicial proceedings. All policies and regulations are classified as either major or minor. Minor violations are heard by the Student Judicial Coordinator, a Residence Life Hearing Officer or the Minor Violations Board, while all major violations are heard by a university judicial official or the University Judicial Council. Students participate as members of all judicial bodies. Details of the procedures and areas of responsibility of these bodies, as well as student rights and responsibilities, are published in the Student Handbook.

The final authority to suspend or expel students is vested in the president of the university.

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