A Message From the President

Dear JMU Students:

As James Madison University students, you have a tremendous variety of options available to you. JMU prides itself in supporting and assisting students while at the same time offering you the freedom to make the important choices that will determine your future.

Among the most important choices you will make are decisions on the courses you will take at the university. The James Madison University 1996--97 Undergraduate Catalog lists the multitude of courses that are available at JMU. The catalog and JMU's main computer contain information both on academic programs and the dedicated scholars who make up the university's faculty.

Choose your courses with care and maturity. Feel free to call on members of the faculty, staff and administration for help or advice as you make these meaningful decisions.

I am certain that the choices you make will be the proper ones for you. You have my best wishes for a most successful year at James Madison University.

Ronald E. Carrier

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1996-97 Undergraduate Catalog
Last reviewed: 30 November 1996
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