School of Media Arts and Design

Dr. George C. Johnson, Director


Soenksen, Turner

Associate Professors

Cole-Zielanski, Gilliam, G. Johnson, M. Johnson, Neckowitz, O'Connor, R. Smith, Tschudi, Wendelken, Woody, S. Yoon

Assistant Professors

DeLuca, Starr, Vallath



Course Descriptions: Media Arts and Design

The School of Media Arts and Design offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

The school incorporates the study and fields of mass communication, journalism, telecommunication, multimedia and mediated visual expression. It offers a program of study that prepares students for careers in the media; careers that rely on mass media and related areas of expertise; or graduate study in mass communication and related areas, such as advanced visual communication.

The school's programs of study are designed to meet the needs of students who are intellectually well-rounded and disciplined, competent in a particular area of mass communication, yet prepared to deal with a field that is continually redefining its parameters.

The study of media arts and design combines the characteristics of art and science--on one hand teaching specific written and visual skills, on the other analyzing social effects and the cultural impact of technology. Majors in the school build their programs on an introduction to media arts followed by a contemporary issues study of media arts, then select a career track featuring a media writing requirement, a program cluster and various program focus areas. For the remainder of the program, students may elect courses in any area of the school and are encouraged to diversify and broaden their backgrounds.

The school is committed to the concept of a broad liberal arts education and therefore restricts the number of courses its majors may take in the school.

Major Requirements

A student must take a minimum of 36 hours in school courses. In addition to courses from the School of Media Arts and Design, students must take at least 75 hours of course work outside the school.

Foundation courses 9
SMAD 200. Introduction to Media Arts and Design
(six credits)
SMAD 300. Contemporary Issues in
Media Arts and Design (three credits)
Choose one of the following programs: 27-36
Media Writing
Liberal studies courses and electives 75-84

For highly motivated students, these programs provide a comprehensive plan of practica, internships, directed projects and work in campus outlets.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their individual faculty advisers to choose appropriate career tracks and to elect courses in other university departments to support their educational goals. In particular, students should consult the "School of Media Arts and Design Program Handbook" for helpful information on all aspects of the major, including recommended elective choices.

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