Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Alexander H.F. de Jonge, Head


Barroso, Corbin, de Jonge, Hamlet-Metz, Howes, Lisle, E. Neatrour, Oberst

Associate Professors

H. Cohen, Goebel, Kline, Kyler, D. Perramond, Szeps-Fralin

Assistant Professors

Aliotti, M. Perramond


Barrio Olano, Fazzion

Course Descriptions:
Chinese, Classics, Foreign Language, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers programs designed to:

The department offers the baccalaureate degree in modern foreign languages. It also offers a minor. It currently provides four years of instruction in French, German, Russian and Spanish; three years in Latin and Italian; and two years in Chinese, Classical Greek and Japanese.

The minimum requirement for a major in languages is 33 upper-division credit hours in a specific language. However, students pursuing a second major in an unrelated field or whose choice of language makes it impossible to meet that requirement may seek substitutions and/or waivers from the department head.

Required Courses Hours
Nonliterary courses 300, 307 1, 308, 320 12
Literature courses 2 12
Other 300- or 400-level courses 9

1 Students satisfying the requirement in Russian substitute RUS 400.

2 Students in languages other than Spanish may elect up to two literature in translation courses if available.

Students majoring in modern foreign languages are required to complete the intermediate level of a second language, unless they are taking a double major, or take at least 12 additional credit hours in other departments (e.g., art, English, geography, history, philosophy, political science) in courses dealing fully or partly with topics of direct relevance to their foreign language studies. (These 12 credit hours cannot be counted toward fulfillment of any other degree requirement, including liberal studies. Prior approval of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is required for each of these collateral courses.)

In conjunction with the College of Education and Psychology, the department offers programs leading to the teaching license in French, Spanish, German, Russian and Latin. The Collegiate Professional Teaching License in a modern foreign language requires 36 credits in language study except Latin, which requires 30 credits. Students majoring in a modern language need only 24 credits in Latin to qualify for licensure in Latin as a second language.

A minor will consist of 15 upper-division credit hours in a specific language and must include a literature course. However, 36 credit hours are needed to meet the requirements for the Collegiate Professional Teaching License in a foreign language.

Placement tests are given to students who have studied one language for four years in high school and who have not taken the College Board Advanced Placement Test. Final decision on Advanced Placement rests with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Credit by Examination

The department offers credit by examination for many of the courses it teaches and encourages students doing lower-division language work to avail themselves of the opportunity. Those wishing to pursue the option should address themselves to the department head during the regular registration period.

Whereas this department grants credit by examination or interview to persons who have acquired a foreign language in a nonconventional manner, such as residence abroad or private study, it does not grant credit to persons it deems to be native speakers.

The department encourages student participation in the JMU Semester Abroad programs in Salamanca, Florence, Martinique, Paris, and in other programs to Germany and Russia.

Initial Secondary Teaching License

In addition to the liberal studies and academic major requirements, foreign language majors desiring secondary teacher licensure must complete the following as a part of their program:

EDUC 360. Foundations of American Education 3
(junior year)
EDUC 370. Instructional Technology (junior year) 3
EDUC 410. Multicultural Education (senior year) 1
EDUC 416. School Discipline and Classroom 1
Management (senior year)
HTH 370. The School Health Program 2
(any appropriate time)
PSYC 270. Psychology for Teachers of the 3
Pre-adolescent and Adolescent Child 1 (sophomore year)
READ 414. Reading and Writing in the 1
Content Areas (senior year)
SEED 371C. Clinical Techniques, Foreign Language 3
Education Methods (normally in first semester of senior year)
SEED 381. Field Experience (Practicum) in 3
Secondary Education (normally in first semester of senior year)
SEED 480. Student Teaching (senior year) 12
SPED 402. Teaching Mildly Disabled Students 1
in Regular Classes (senior year)

1 PSYC 160 is a prerequisite for PSYC 270.

It is necessary to be admitted to the teacher education program prior to enrolling in professional education courses. See pages 147-148 in this catalog for admission procedures to the teacher education program.

Students seeking licensure are encouraged to consult regularly with an education adviser.

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