College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Richard F. Whitman, Provost

Dr. David K. Jeffrey, Associate Provost

Dr. Marilou M. Johnson, Assistant Provost

Jerry E. Weaver, Executive Assistant

Course Descriptions: American Studies, International Affairs, Social Science and Women's Studies

The College of Arts and Letters serves multiple vital needs of JMU students. First, it offers high-quality programs of specialized study in the social sciences, humanities, communication and the arts, and in several preprofessional and interdisciplinary areas. Second, the college provides a challenging array of courses designed to promote lifelong liberal learning by sharpening analytical abilities; improving computational and communications skills; enhancing cultural awareness, intensifying moral and aesthetic sensitivity; and fostering awareness of the contingent nature of knowledge. Linking these two missions is a college-wide commitment to free but rigorous and controlled inquiry into human nature. Finally, the college provides a variety of rich cultural opportunities for JMU students and the entire university community by sponsoring gallery exhibits and dozens of performing arts events, including Masterpiece Season, a series of programs featuring local and touring artists.

In addition to the special goals of each major, all programs in the college are committed to helping the student achieve the following common objectives:

Departmental Majors and Minors

Students may select from a broad spectrum of major and minor programs in the six departments and five schools. Descriptions of these programs appear below under the departmental/school sections.

Interdisciplinary Activities

In addition to departmental majors and minors, the college offers a wide array of interdepartmental majors, minors, preprofessional programs, liberal studies courses, annual events and supporting services, some of which reach out to the regional community.


Interdisciplinary Social Science
International Affairs
Public Administration


African and African-American Studies
American Studies
Asian Studies
Criminal Justice
Latin American Studies
Political Communication
Public Administration
Russian Studies
Urban and Regional Studies
Women's Studies

Pre-professional Programs


Interdisciplinary and International Liberal Studies Courses

Resource and Service Centers

Archaeology Collection
Sawhill Gallery
Center for Public Broadcasting
Media Production Center

Annual Events

Arts and Sciences Symposium
History Day
Visiting Scholars Program
Masterpiece Season (including the Encore Series)

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