College of Integrated Science and Technology

Jackson E. Ramsey, Provost

The past several decades have brought remarkable developments in science and technology, impacting upon our lives and our society and irreversibly altering the world. Fundamental changes will continue at an explosive pace, affecting how businesses and governments operate and posing great challenges and opportunities.

There is a critical need for individuals who understand the mutual dependence between specialists and integrators, who are not compromised by complexity and uncertainty, who can locate opportunity within disorder, and who are committed to taking the longer and wider view. The quality of life in our society and human progress globally will depend on the integration of scientific knowledge, technological capabilities, ethical principles, and an understanding of cultural commonalities and differences.

The College of Integrated Science and Technology is committed to superior instruction, learning, research and service to the national and international communities within an interdisciplinary context that prepares students to enter professions or graduate school in the sciences and in the technological, health and human services.

In support of this mission, our college faculty members endorse for ourselves and our students the highest ethical and humanistic standards. Valuing cultural diversity, we pledge to address the issues and needs of contemporary society using creativity and serving society through utilizing a grounding in the liberal arts, specialized knowledge, analytical skills, and the application of science and technology to improve the quality of life.

The college seeks and creates new models through innovative curriculum development and uses the advancing knowledge of science and ever-evolving technologies to integrate the changes in a rapidly shifting world into the professional lives of faculty and students. The state of knowledge is advanced through basic and applied research programs. We participate as effective members of interdisciplinary teams through collaborative decision making and effective communication.

An important goal of the college is to promote partnerships with business, industry, government, public education, health care and professional organizations; to stay abreast of real world issues and needs; and to impart new-found knowledge to these groups.

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