Department of Military Science

Lt. Col. Allan Stuhlmiller, Head



Assistant Professors

Beerman, Hearne, Mills

Course Descriptions: Military Science

JMU's Department of Military Science, in cooperation with the U.S. Army, provides an opportunity to earn a commission in the active Army, Army Reserve or National Guard.

The program offers both a four- and two-year option allowing students to complete the requirements to earn a commission. The four-year program consists of a basic course and an advanced course. A two-year program option allows students with at least two academic years remaining in either undergraduate or graduate studies to meet all requirements for commissioning.

Army Reservists or National Guardsmen who are continuing their education full time may be eligible for the Simultaneous Membership Program, combining reserve forces duty with Army ROTC on campus and enabling the student to earn approximately $5,000 in two years.

The military science curriculum is divided into two phases:

Basic Military Science

MSCI 100L. Leadership Laboratory 4
(every semester)
MSCI 101. Fundamentals of Military Science I 1
MSCI 102. Fundamentals of Military Science II 1
MSCI 201. Advanced Military Skills I 2
MSCI 202. Advanced Military Skills II 2

Basic military science courses are designed for four-year participants and are normally offered during the freshman and sophomore years. No contractual obligations or commitments are required for students taking basic military science courses; it provides an opportunity to see what Army ROTC is all about.

Students must bring a current physical examination to the ROTC department to participate in leadership lab.

Placement credit for the basic course may be awarded for prior military service or successful completion of the ROTC basic camp at Ft. Knox, Ky., during the summer.

Advanced Military Science

MSCI 300. Advanced Leadership Lab 8
(every semester)
MSCI 310. Theory and Techniques I 3
MSCI 320. Theory and Techniques II 3
MSCI 410. Seminar in Command Management 3
MSCI 420. Seminar on the Military Team 3

Advanced military science courses are normally taken during the junior and senior years.

Qualified students who desire to pursue a commission as a second lieutenant are contracted and paid a subsistence allowance of $150 per month for up to 10 months during the school year.

Prior to commissioning, each cadet must successfully complete the six-week ROTC advanced camp at Ft. Bragg, N.C.


Four-, three- and two-year scholarships are available. The scholarships provide a flat rate for tuition and fees, $450 per school year for books and supplies and $1,500 per school year in a tax-free subsistence allowance. More detailed information is available by contacting the department's enrollment officer.

Minor in Military Science

Minor Requirements Hours
Basic military science courses 10
Advanced military science courses 20
Computer science or information and 1
decision sciences course
History course1 (see department staff) 3
Human behavior course1 3
Mathematics course1 3
Written communication course1 3

1 Liberal studies courses may be used to fulfill these requirements.

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