Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Michael S. Goldberger, Head


Dalton, Goldberger, Koslow, McMillin, Vedelli

Associate Professors

Flohr, Haynes, Wenos

Assistant Professors

Vanderwarker, Williams


Bowyer, G. Harris, Teal, Walton

Course Descriptions: Kinesiology

The Department of Kinesiology is organized to contribute to the general education of all undergraduate students and to prepare students for professional roles in exercise, sport, education
and leisure.

Kinesiology Major

Kinesiology is defined as the art and science of human movement. The department's "core" is designed to provide all kinesiology majors, regardless of their professional concentration, with a basic understanding of the discipline of human movement. The kinesiology core provides course work to answer the following questions:

Kinesiology Core Courses

KIN 201. Introduction to Kinesiology 2
KIN 302. Physiology of Muscular Activity 3
KIN 303. Motor Learning and Performance 3
KIN 304. History and Philosophy of Physical 2
Education and Sport
KIN 305. Sociopsychological Perspectives of 3
Physical Activity
KIN 306. Biomechanical Principles of Kinesiology 3
Forms of movement distribution 6
(movement forms courses)

The forms of movement distribution involves completing at least one course from three of the following five categories:

In addition to the kinesiology core, all majors must also complete three prerequisite courses:

BIO 290. Human Anatomy
KIN 145. Conditioning Activities
MATH 220. Elementary Statistics

Students who major in kinesiology work toward a Bachelor of Science degree by completing the basic core and selecting one of the following
five concentrations:

Minor Programs

The department offers three minor areas of study. The coaching minor prepares students to take the American Sport Education Program national coaching certification examination. The general kinesiology minor is available to any student majoring in another discipline and consists of completing the kinesiology core curriculum. The exercise leadership minor is for students concentrating in health assessment and promotion.

Credit By Examination

The Department of Kinesiology offers credit by examination for many courses taught in the department. Students who want permission to take an examination must apply to the department head during the first week of the semester. Upon application, if qualified, students will receive details regarding approval to take the examination and the dates it will be given. Examinations will be given only in courses offered during the semester.

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