Women's Studies

College of Arts and Letters
WMST 200. Introduction to Women's Studies. 3 credits.
Interdisciplinary introduction to theories and scholarship in women's studies. Course also examines implications of gender, society's definition of women, and the experiences and contributions of women. Provides a foundation for subsequent work in the women's studies minor. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.
WMST 400. Issues and Research in Women's Studies. 3 credits.
A capstone course for the women's studies minor. This seminar requires a knowledge of seminal works. A major portion of the course is devoted to individual research related to critical issues in women's studies. Prerequisite: WMST 200 and nine additional credits approved by the Women's Studies Advisory Committee.
WMST 490. Special Studies in Women's Studies. 3 credits.
Designed to give capable students in women's studies an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Admission by recommendation of the instructor and permission of the program coordinator.
WMST 495. Special Topics in Women's Studies. 3 credits.
In-depth examination of selected topics of current importance to the field of women's studies. Offered only with approval of the program coordinator and provost of the College of Arts and Letters. May be repeated for credit when course content changes. Prerequisite: WMST 200 or consent of instructor.

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